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  About VIMA

So, who are we anyhow?? Established in 1984, the Vancouver Island Mustangs Assoc. (VIMA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and continuation of the Ford Mustang. The club is open to owners of all years of Mustangs, as well as non-Mustang owners who have an enthusiasm for these cars and other Ford automobiles. The main focus of the club is to organize events for members and their families to participate in, and give members the opportunity to share their appreciation of these cars with other members and the general public. The club also provides a venue for members to share information with each other on topics related to the cars, such as vehicle restorations, safety tips and maintenance procedures.

Cars in the club range from project cars, daily drivers and hobby cars, right up to concourse restored show cars. While the majority of the cars in the club are what the general public views as the traditional %u2018classic%u2019 Mustangs (i.e. 1965-1973), there is an increasing number of later model Mustangs joining in on the fun. The ever popular 1979-1993 %u20185.0 Mustang%u2019 ranks are steadily increasing, and bringing in a decidedly younger crowd (though, there are some older members who have been bitten by the %u20185.0 bug%u2019 as well!). While the number of 1974-1978 Mustang IIs in the club are still relatively low in comparison with their predecessors, more collectors are starting to appreciate this generation of Mustang. The 1994 - 2010 bring back some of the classic styling with a modern design while keeping true to its heritage. No matter what year or what condition their cars are in, owners of all Mustangs are welcomed and encouraged to join up and get involved in the fun.

Membership of the club is usually between 100 and 150 people, and includes people from southern, mid and northern Vancouver Island and the lower mainland. Going against the trend of many automotive clubs across North America, VIMA has been steadily increasing its membership over the past few years. The ages of members ranges from the teens to 55 , covering the full spectrum of drivers on B.C. roads. People from all walks of life are VIMA members, including teachers, students, government workers, mechanics, blue & white-collar workers, entrepreneurs and military personnel. Far from a %u2018boys club%u2019, women are very well represented in VIMA as well. Women hold about half of the  executive positions, and their numbers in the general membership are steadily rising as more women are getting involved in the automotive hobby.

The club hosts a number of events each year for club members and other automotive enthusiasts. These events include car shows, car rallies, toy runs, shop tours, guest speakers and monthly meetings. The largest of these events are the car shows. On average the club hosts 2 car shows per year and these major shows have classes for both Mustangs and non-Mustangs to compete in. One of these shows is held in Parksville at the Joe Cunningham Ford dealership in the spring, while the other is held in the Victoria area later in the summer. Participation in the major shows usually varies between 100 and 150 cars. All of our car shows are open to the public free of charge and attract hundreds of automotive enthusiasts. A portion of the proceeds raised at the shows from sponsorships and vehicle entrance fees are donated to the various club charities each year.

The annual Toy Run is another event designed to help out local charities through donations of toys and money. Jointly sponsored with the Canadian Classic Chevelle and Beaumont Club, the event has participants take a cruise around the Victoria area, ending up at a rally point for brunch. Each participating car makes a donation of an unwrapped toy, or cash donation in order to participate in the event. Toys collected are donated to the Salvation Army. In addition, donations for the various club charities are collected throughout the year at VIMA club general meetings, family picnics, rallies and other events. 

Members participate in parades and other community events each year, donating their time and their unique vehicles for a wide variety of uses. VIMA club members also actively participate in a number of events hosted by other automotive organizations throughout the year. These events include many of the types of events hosted by our club, and provide a unique opportunity to socialize and interact with other automotive enthusiasts and learn more about their passions for their cars.

If you wish to contact the Vancouver Island Mustang Association and learn more about the club and/or the events we are involved in you can reach us by phoning our Club Hotline (250) 881-1423; by e-mail at, or by regular mail at:

Vancouver Island Mustangs Assoc.
990 Violet Ave.
Victoria, British Columbia


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